Is there a writing center to help with essays and research papers?


Is there a writing center to help with essays and research papers?


The college has a Writer’s Center where writer’s fellows, literature majors, and student associates are available to help students with their work by appointment (which can be done online). The center is open to all students and is free of charge. Help is available for all stages of the writing process: students can come in without a draft at all and get help planning a paper, or bring in written drafts and seek advice on structure, grammar, or anything else they are struggling with. The center gets quite busy when there are a lot of essay deadlines coming up, but during down times it’s not difficult to book an appointment on short notice and just drop in.

Although most people go there for help with essays and papers, writer’s fellows are completely willing to provide assistance with non-academic poetry or prose if that is something the student is interested in improving. Many fellows are published authors and poets themselves and might be working on some creative work of their own.

Although I think the Writer’s Center is quite useful, I would caveat it by saying that different professors might have different stylistic preferences. Pay attention to any conditions or quirks your prof might have and either let your Writer’s Fellow know, or discard any conflicting advice they might offer.

At the same time, the Center is a pretty strong resource for all kinds of application essays. The application format is pretty universal, and all the fellows are certain to have a decent amount of experience in this area. If you’re applying to something within the school, like a research program, they’ll know exactly how to appeal to whoever will be processing your application. If your work is more along the lines of resumes or cover letters, however, you would be amiss not to get some help from CIPE (Center for International and Professional Experience), as the staff there would have even more specialized knowledge for this kind of writing.

The writer’s center also holds workshops to educate and support students during various aspects of the writing process. If deadlines are approaching, there might be a session related to essay planning, writing, or perhaps one with a focus on a technique like close reading.