Is the excellence scholarship easy to get?


Otago and Auckland’s scholarships are much more generous than Vic’s so it must be easier to get a smaller amount of money.


Yes, the Victoria University of Wellington Excellence scholarship for undergraduates is definitely easier to get than the Otago and Auckland Scholarship. For starters, the award is given purely on the basis of your year 12 school grades, and there is no CV or cover letter needed to apply. There are two tiers to this award - the Victoria Excellence Scholarship which is $5000 for your first year, and the Vice Chancellors Scholarship which is 20,000 over three years. No extra application is needed for the Vice Chancellors Scholarship, it is purely based on grades and there are about 20 awarded each year. In terms of the standards of Year 12 grades required, if you have Excellence Endorsed in Level 2, I would definitely encourage you to apply.