Is it possible to get financial aid if I'm applying from India?


Hey, I was wondering if its possible for me to get financial aid if I’m applying as an international student/from India? I heard requesting it might decrease my chance of being accepted?



Yes this is very much possible. There are 5 schools that are need blind and will meet full need of international students : Harvard, Yale, MIT, Amherst College and Princeton. In addition to this there are other range of need-blind schools as well but they don’t promise to meet full need of international students : Adrian, Baylor, Georgetown, Pomona, Tulane , Univ North Carolina, UI-Chicago to name a few.

IF a school is need sensitive/need based it becomes a lot tougher to get in if you are applying for need based aid as your application will be put in a different lot of applicants (all competing for the same) and lower your chances of getting in.

PS : Some schools will require CSS and other relevant forms for the process.