Is it possible to change the res assigned to you?


I have been assigned to a particular res. Can I change if I want to move and how would I go about doing so?


Apart from the students in medical studies, students are usually assigned residences at random and UCT tries to keep it random to give that sense of diversity which not many universities can offer. If for some reason you feel your residence isn’t what you hoped for then you can find someone to swap with. There is a process to this though because you will need your warden’s signature and a motivational letter.
It is even harder if you don’t have someone to swap with because that means you will have to come up with a reason that the student housing team will deem worthy for you to swap residences. These reasons can be anything like sickness because of allergies to something in a particular residence, bullying in your current residence or you feel your residence doesn’t have the correct facilities to cater for your disability (if you have one). You will still need a signature from your warden and your reason should be included in your letter of motivation.
If you really want to change try find someone in the res you want to move to and convince them early to swap with you, because the earlier the better.
You will only be able to change once you have registered.