Is it hard to study in YNC?


Is it hard to study in YNC?


I do not think so. Undoubtedly, the courses are typically very intensive here. But you won’t be the only person taking those classes. There are always people going through the same difficulties as you. Once you understand that, it becomes much easier because you do not feel lonely. You can cooperate with people, seek their advice, or help them in return. The collaborative culture is strong here, and it alleviates the intensity of studying at Yale-NUS.


I would say no. There are many resources and much support provided by Yale-NUS College for the students. Every student has a faculty advisor, a CIPE [Centre of International and Professional Experience] advisor, a Dean’s Fellow, etc. One can always set up a meeting with those people and discuss the issues that he/she is worried about. Furthermore, there are free peer tutors – these are senior students who help you with certain courses. There is a tremendous amount of academic resources for every course in Canvas: an electronic system with grades, assignments and information about the courses that a student is taking. To sum up, Yale-NUS greatly facilitates the educational process for its students.