Is it feasible to watch lecture videos and still learn properly?


If I don’t want to go to lectures and learn from lecture videos instead, is this feasible if I still want to get good marks?


At UCT, many lectures are recorded and posted online, and this can be a very valuable resource. However, it is important to remember that not all courses upload videos, and so this cannot always be relied on.

As for the question, it essentially comes down to how you work best. Personally, though its a very useful way of catching up missed lectures, I’d recommend against using videos as a substitute for attending class. Firstly, it requires a lot more discipline not to be distracted while watching lecture videos, and the removal of the pressure to wake up and get to campus on time means you will inevitably use your time less efficiently. Furthermore, the videos are only posted in the evening, and so you will always be at minimum half a day behind. Finally, attending lectures in person allows you to ask questions, and engage with students around you, which is a valuable and often underrated element of study.

I believe that it’s only possible to achieve as well with lecture videos as you would with physical attendance if you are a very disciplined and self-motivated student. In general, I’d say that being on campus, away from the distractions of social media (and your bed) is the surest way to stay on top of things.