Is it annoying that Vic is in four campuses?


Vic is split into four campuses - isn’t that really annoying and do you have to keep walking around to get to different classes?


In terms of campuses at Victoria there are actually only three main ones. Kelburn Campus is situated on the hill - and this is where most of the Arts and Science papers are taught. Te Aro Campus is the Architecture school and is at the top of Cuba Street. Piptiea Campus is opposite the Beehive and contains the Business and Law School. In terms of travelling to and fro, it really isn’t that bad because there are free buses to use if you have classes at more than one campus in a day. You would only ever need to get to two campuses because Architecture students don’t usually do conjoint Science and Commerce degrees as well! Likewise you have a degree of control over your timetable, so you can sometimes schedule classes, especially for tutorials based on the location that best suits you.