Internships for Commerce


Just have a couple of questions

  1. when do we generally apply for internships
  2. what are some tips on prep/in general we should do
  3. how difficult is it to get into one at second year (big4 and smaller)


  1. When you apply for internship generally depends on how long your degree is. As a rule of thumb, you should be looking at applying in your penultimate year or the year before that. So for example, if your degree is a 5-year course, you should be looking at applying in your 4th year, though you may be accepted as a 3rd year applying.
  2. Applying for an internship is very much similar to applying for colleges - you must display academic performance, competence in extra-curricular activities and leadership abilities. Therefore, while it is of foremost importance to have good grades, you should also be spending time on building your extra-curricular portfolio or taking up leadership position to show that you are an interesting individual.
  3. As answered in question 1, this depends on how long your degree is. If your degree is a 3 year course, being in your 2nd year would mean that you are in your penultimate year, which means that you have a high chance of being accepted. Whereas if you are in your 2nd year of a 5 year degree, you will have a much lower chance of being selected.

Hope this helps!