Indian citizen planning to study law in UK or US



I am an Indian national. I plan to pursue my law degree in either the UK or the US. Once I graduate I plan to return back to India to practise here. Is this possible? Is yes, how ?


The direct answer to this question is yes you can practise law in India if you have studied abroad, however it is not highly recommended as after you gain your law degree abroad (which is a lot of hard work) you need to come back to India and are required to apply for registration to your respective State Bar Councils. The State Bar Councils then forwards your applications to the Bar Council of India, which conducts an exam twice a year, on six subjects. Successful candidates are permitted to practice in India.

This process can sometimes be extremely tedious and cumbersome, so it is highly recommended that if you already know you want to practise law in India, it is better to study from here itself.