IB after CBSE to study abroad?



I am currently in a CBSE school in Grade 10 - I really want to study abroad after my Grade 12 - I am wondering if I should shift to an IB School next year? Is it really difficult to adjust to an IB school after being in a CBSE board?



Comparing IB to CBSE is like comparing an apple to a pear.

It really depends on what you think is difficult as teaching and learning styles in both these curriculums are very different. The IB Diploma is rigorous which requires you to be organised, manage time and engage with the subject content in a critical manner. The IB Diploma has a more practical approach to understanding concepts being taught rather than rote learning that the CBSE curriculum offers.

I would say if practical learning, applying concepts and consistent project submissions is something that interests you - go for the IB it is totally worth it. However, if you are doing well in the CBSE and are in the top percentile of your class it might not be worth the risk to shift into something you are not too familiar with as eventually your grades do matter for your university application. Additionally, no there is no discrimination from an admission committee which curriculum you have studied from.