How’s the Wi-Fi?


How’s the Wi-Fi?


The school wifi is free, and that’s great, and it’s available all over campus which is also really nice. For most purposes, I think you will find the Wifi to be perfectly serviceable. The speed is entirely sufficient for most purposes, and unless you’re really doing some very technical stuff, you won’t see it as a difficulty. Many students game on PC online quite regularly while connected to the school Wifi.

If you’re doing work in a classroom or in most other locations on campus, the strength of the connection is rarely an obstacle. Moreover, the same network is used in NUS, so even if you leave Yale-NUS to go to the main NUS campus, you can stay connected to the internet.

On the downside, the campus is built in skyscrapers which involves taking lifts often, especially to and from suites, and the Wi-Fi cuts out in the lifts. This means that your phone and computer will disconnect from the system quite frequently and you basically have to make sure that the connection is reestablished every time you take an elevator somewhere.

This also tends to happen when you are walking around the campus in general, so taking calls over the internet can be quite problematic because the Wifi is not equally strong in each part of the campus, particularly in some outdoor spots.

Do keep in mind that torrenting and the like are not allowed if you are connected to the school’s Wifi.