How many South African students study in the US?


Hi there,

I am a South African thinking about studying in the US. One of my problems is that I don’t know a lot of people in my grade that are going to study overseas (though I know of many amazing students from older years that have done so). I am wondering how many South African students study in the US?

Thanks for your help - and PS your Youtube videos are really interesting!!



Hi Sam,

It’s great to hear your enjoying our YouTube videos!

Thanks for your question - it is a good one. According to Education USA (a US government organisation), around 1700 South Africans enrol in US universities every year. However, this number also includes graduate students (about half of the 1700).

That is quite a small percentage of the 1,043,000 total international students (China has more than 300,000, and India more than 200,000!) and one reason is unfamiliarity with applying.

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