How flexible is your timetable at UCT?


Can your timetable be changed easily?


That answer is easier to answer once you know what faculty you want to be in.
Faculties like Engineering and Medicine have little to no flexibility when it comes to the timetable. You find that there is only one lecture for a specific course per day. It can be a bit frustrating if you are an Engineering student because this means if you miss a lecture you will have to watch a lecture video because there is no repeat lecture. The other problem is that your timetable is so packed (as a Engineering or Medicine student) that even if there was a repeat lecture you probably wouldn’t be able to go.
Commerce and Humanities are a different story though. Apart from actuary students, commerce and humanities faculties don’t have 2 how practicals or labs. This allows for these faculties to have up to 4 repeats of the same lecture per day meaning you can adjust your timetable to match your life.
At the beginning of the year you are given a timetable that UCT feels will fit you best, but you are in no way forced to attend any of the classes in that certain order. You can mix and match any combination of classes and attend the ones that a-line with how you want your timetable to be.
You have to keep in mind though that you will also have to fit in tuts into your timetable and should thus make time for that because once you choose your tut there is no flexibility on when you attend it.
All in all it really depends on which faculty you are in.