How easy is it to change degree if I decide I don't like the degree I am doing?


If I have started the year and want to change my degree, how easy is it to do this?


In first year many courses overlap. Meaning if you choose a course and realize you that it is nothing like you expected it to be, you still have a chance to seek green pastures elsewhere. You have to beware though that if you plan to change courses it is to your advantage to switch early. This is because if you have been in a certain course for longer than 4 weeks, you will have to pay a portion of the full amount of that course along with the full amount for the course you are switching to. A change in the same faculty will make the transition a lot smoother because your credits (points you get from the courses you do) match up. If the change is to another faculty then you may lose out on some credits and have to do courses from previous semesters.
Changing degrees, especially in first year, shouldn’t be too much of a problem because chances are, 90% of the people in your first class have no idea what they’re doing there and the other 10% probably got lost and are in the wrong class anyway.