How do the Jammie Shuttles work?

UCT students are always speaking about their Jammies! What are these and where do they take you?

The jammie shuttles are buses operated by UCT, designed to get students between their residences and the various campuses around Cape Town. During peak, they run every 5 minutes between Upper and Lower Campus, but are less frequent in the late evening, or to less frequented destinations. They pass by all the residences, as well as every university campus, the student wellness centre, Claremont, and other locations to which students often need to get to. Because of this, they are very useful when trying to get around Cape Town.

The jammies are generally clean, safe and reliable. Though strictly you need a student card to gain access, I have never seen this checked, and so it won’t pose a problem if you’re stranded somewhere.

Finally, there is a special jammie which caters to disabled students, though arranging a pick up is not initially a straightforward process.

The jammie timetable is available online -