How accessible and helpful are the health services?


How accessible and helpful are the health services?


The Yale-NUS campus itself has a Health and Wellness Center where students can visit the nurse in the case of minor ailments. Out of all your options, this one is by far the fastest, so I highly recommend visiting the nurse if your condition isn’t terribly serious. If you need more specialized attention, you will be directed to UHC. The wellness center also offers counseling as part of their mental health services, which have become more and more accessible to the students in the past year.

The University Health Center (UHC) is located in NUS, just one bus stop away from Utown on the D2 bus. Yale-NUS students can present their student ID to take advantage of the doctors free of charge for most cases, with exceptions such as dental services. I will admit that wait times here can be significant during peak times, so bring something to do with you! The school reimburses you for pharmaceutical purchases as well. You can find more details about UHC at this link:

Just another stop away from UHC is National University Hospital (NUH), which offers treatment for more acute cases. The wait times in the emergency room can be long, but the school reimburses you for all emergency cases. I have also recently discovered that the emergency room has a vending machine serving sandwiches that are grilled on the spot! That’s right, in the machine! You pick a sandwich and it grills them for you! I don’t know how long this machine will be around, but it has served me well in a pinch.

Yale-NUS students get the same health insurance as other NUS students (so we’re covered by the NUS student health scheme). As I’ve mentioned, this covers most expenses. You can take a look at all the details at this page: When you first enrol in Yale-NUS, you get a pretty comprehensive check and can ask the doctors about anything particular to your own condition.

For more information on health and wellness at Yale-NUS, please see this link: