Grades needed to achieve 99.95% ATAR with CIE?


I’ve heard that to achieve this , you need 3 As at A level in the SAME YEAR. Also, an additional A grade at AS level on top of the 3 As.

(i) Does the grade from AS need to be from the SAME YEAR as the A levels ?
(ii) is it compulsory to submit an English grade to all Australian universities ? If not, for which universites is an English grade compulsory?
(iii) is the 99.95% ATAR requirement consistent across all Australian universities ? Thank you !

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Hi @brian.choi1999

i) No, your AS grade does not need to be from the same year as the A Levels.
ii) IGCSE or equivalent (NCEA Level 1) English is compulsory.
iii) 99.95% ATAR is just the highest score you can get across Australia’s core curriculum (HSC, VCE, WACE, SACE & QCE), so yes, it’s consistent across the board because it’s a top score. The only time the score may face inconsistency, is when universities (depending on their prestige) offer different entry requirements (meaning you need to obtain a different ATAR score) – but 99.95 will always be the top score.

It’s also important to note that many universities will accept your CIE grades for entry (and many other curriculum for that matter) and typically show the required scores needed on their websites.

Below is the University of Melbourne’s CIE requirements:

In addition, check out this CIE-ATAR converter :slight_smile:


@anonymous68 So only 3 A*s at A level is required, and an additional AS subject is not? Thank you !!