GMAT score for ISB Hyderabad


What is a good score to be considered for enrollment into ISB Hyderabad ?



Through my past experience I have seen people getting rejected with a 740 and people getting accepted with a 700; your admission to ISB does not only depend on your GMAT but a combination of the following -

  1. Academic credentials - this includes your undergrad grades, 12th grade and your GMAT score
  2. Leadership potential - any leadership initiative that you have undertaken that proves the clarity of your vision as well as your history of excellence
  3. Personal attributes - that show you are involved in something outside the academic umbrella and your commitment to quality extra-curricular activities.

That being said, for an average academic profile , 720+i in GMAT along with a good essay , complete application should be a safe score to take you to the interview. Your admission after this point depends on how well your interview with the panel.

Hope this helps !