Future prospects of studying in University of Melbourne, economics or accountancy


What are the job or future prospects as an international candidate studying BCom with economics or accountancy and Finance majors.


A Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne provides a very solid foundation for a future corporate or management career. The Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne is one of the best in the world, ranked 14th worldwide for Accounting and Finance, and 22nd for Business and Management. Courses are delivered by internationally renowned academics, who often collaborate in international research projects, providing valuable mentorship for students looking to establish a career overseas. Majoring in accounting and finance will make you a valuable employee for multinational corporations, who employ teams of accountants, financial analysts, fund managers and management consultants. Studying economics also gives you a broader understanding on how economies function, preparing you for careers such as consulting (economic and management), investment and a wide range of government roles. As the skills developed in such a degree are not strictly country-specific, a qualification from one of the most prestigious universities in Australia will prepare you well for a successful corporate career, regardless of location
Further information can be found at: https://coursesearch.unimelb.edu.au/undergrad/1899-bachelor-of-commerce