Extracurriculars & what counts?


Do extracurriculars have to be in school based on be on your report? What if I helped organise an event or gave a talk etc.


Not at all, in fact an admissions office wants to see that a student has gone above and beyond to engage in extracurriculars and leadership activities, so performing these outside the confines of the school is great.

Organising an event or giving a school talk is a great way to demonstrate innovative leadership, as opposed to just institutional leadership (within a school). Universities love to see someone who has organised an event, given talks to large crowds, created a business or non-for-profit etc etc. So keep it up!!


Thank you!

So do I just enter them manually into the spaces on the common application online?


Yes, on the Common Application there will be specific areas where you can enter in your extracurriculars. Note - these spaces are finite, so you’ll only be able to enter your best ones.

In addition, you can mention your extracurriculars in your Essay/s.

The Common App also gives the opportunity to upload an optional CV, if you think that things have not been covered.