Expansion into universities of all calibres


Do you have any plans to expand Crimson Educations services to include helping a larger range of students by offering university entrance tutoring/guidance for people trying to get into our own universities, instead of the elite overseas institutions?


Crimson provides a huge range range of tutoring options already, for CIE, NCEA and IB.
As entry into NZ Universities is a pure meritocracy (getting above the given grades/points required), I guess this qualifies as guidance and help for local universities!


We actually provide a very wide range of services to support with domestic university admission in both New Zealand and Australia.

We help with applications to all local universities and halls, with degree selection, scholarship applications, course plans, GPA management, university subject tutoring, nutrition and sleep advising as a start.

We also have a dedicated unit MedView which last year helped 65% of students who got into the University of Auckland Medical School after the first year program and a very solid chunk of admits to University of Otago. This is having a massive, positive impact on students who are competitive and serious about getting into medical school.

We also help with transfer applications from university within New Zealand or Australia to another university within NZ or Australia (or global).

As Harry mentioned we have very intensive support options ranging from tutoring in HSC, VCE, CIE, NCEA, IB and Scholarship exams to support students in high school.

Our career advising and career strategy services are applicable to absolutely everybody looking to carve out the best future possible for them. We helps many students in high school and in domestic universities navigating all kinds of processes whether it be Big 4 Accounting applications, getting into film and arts programs, law firms like Russell McVeagh.

Finally, our leadership development and extra-curricular advising support is very popular amongst applicants to local universities in New Zealand and Australia as well as university students.

Our goal as an organization is to help any student anywhere in the world achieve the best possible education trajectory for them, anywhere in the world. For many students, that involves achieving fantastic performance within their home country and studying locally and we are very committed to supporting students going down these paths.

Thanks for the question! Feel free to follow up :slight_smile: