Employment opportunities abroad after graduation?


What are my chances to be employed after graduating as an Indian passport holder? How does this differ in the UK vs US vs Canada vs Singapore?


The following is the order (easy to difficult) of gaining employment abroad upon graduation

Canada > Singapore > US >UK

  1. Canada offers a 3 year work visa after graduation and you can stay in the country for this period even if you havent managed to secure a job
  2. Singapore is fairly flexible for international students - if you seek employment after your studies you can stay back.
  3. For US you have 1 year (non STEM programs) to look for a job and if you are successful your company must be willing to grant you an H1 status.
  4. UK is the most difficult out of the lot as the country has caps on immigration and prefers to high the local population before an international student.

N.B - During the 3 years in Canda post-grad you can exit and come back to look for a job. This is not the case for the 1 year in US, for if you leave you lose the opportunity to look for employment.