Does YNC have a good location in Singapore?


Does YNC have a good location in Singapore?


Yale-NUS’s location has several positive features. First of all, it is very close to the Jurong area. Five big shopping malls are located there in a radius of 1km from the MRT station. Basically, it is possible to find anything there. As mentioned in the previous comment, Holland Village is quite good for its entertainment. Despite these advantages, there are practically no buses in the area that go directly to city centre. So, you have to change buses at least once to get to the downtown.


The location is good. The country is tiny, so it will take at maximum 50-60 minutes on public transport to get to any place from Yale-NUS. Yale-NUS College is located next to University Town(UTown) of NUS in the western part of Singapore. It is a very green area, mostly populated by students. Holland Village, a place with lots of bars and expats, is not far away from the college. There are a cinema and a shopping mall in Clementi (7 minutes by bus) where students can buy practically anything they need. As for entertainment or restaurants, I’d recommend going downtown, approximately 25-30 minutes from Yale-NUS.


Yale-NUS’s location within Singapore is quite good.

The Yale-NUS College campus is right on the UTown (University Town) part of the National University of Singapore’s campus, which means that students have easy access to nearly everything they could ever need. There are Italian restaurants, Korean restaurants, 3 different cafes, a Subway, a Pizza Hut, two small hawker centers, and that’s just the eating options. Frisbee, rugby, and soccer matches break out regularly on the UTown grassy field, and there’s a rock climbing wall just a 2 minute walk away. Moreover, there’s a college bookstore, two grocery stores, a sports equipment store, and a pharmacy all next to the grassy field.

And if you want to get out and explore Singapore, like other people have mentioned, there are buses and trains that can take you to all different parts of Singapore within 20-30 minutes.