Does Yale-NUS have a competitive environment?


Does Yale-NUS have a competitive environment?


I am a freshman and personally don’t get this sense. I would say that it is more collaborative than competitive. Maybe it’ll take me time to understand this place better. As of right now though, I’d say it is a great place where people help each other. I get a lot of work done with other people in common spaces. I do not like to study in my room. The community never lets you feel lonely.


I think that it depends on a particular student. If a student is ambitious and competitive by nature, they’ll probably promote a competitive culture in classrooms and shared space, engaging more people. However, I do not think that there are many people like this at Yale-NUS. I would agree with the claim that the environment is more collaborative than competitive. Without a doubt, most of the students will help with one another’s academics if a student seeks this help.


Some people absolutely do not care about their grades or any other indicators of academic excellence. They go through their educational process and enjoy their time studying. Others give lots of attention to grades. There are many different people with very different perspectives and goals. I think it would be wrong to generalise them and declare the environment at Yale-NUS, in general, to be competitive or not.