Do the librarians help with research?


Do the librarians help with research?


Librarians are always available to help students with research as long as the library is open. For more specific help, it is even possible to schedule a research consultation. The library is easily contacted by phone or on their email,

However, the library also has a lot of online resources to support students, which you can take a look at by visiting the library page here: and checking under the “Research Help” bar. Some of the highlights include research guides outlining the best resources to use and courses to take for your preferred major. There are links to guides that can help you in your research process depending on the kind of information you are looking for. The site also has video tutorials to guide you through various stages of the research process and a comprehensive guide on citations.

On Wednesdays, the school library hosts workshops on a range of useful skills – from citation management, to survey software, to many other instructional sessions. You can take a look at a few of them here:

Keep in mind that all of this is only from the small library at Yale-NUS! There are even more physical resources to access and events taking place in libraries on the main NUS campus, most notably the Central Library. The Central Library is the biggest library building, located just one bus stop away from Utown if you take the D2. I highly recommend giving it a visit if you’re working on some research. Be sure to first use the YNC library website to locate the books you’re looking for, though – the library is quite big!

The NUS libraries have their own website here: