Do students stick around or go home on weekends?


Do students stick around or go home on weekends?


It depends, but many Singaporean students go home to visit family or friends. Many also head back to visit their churches or just to study at home. As a result, the weekends are quieter times as there are less students around in general. That’s not to say that no Singaporean students stick around: some go home just for a meal, or biweekly, or not that regularly at all. Moreover, students will stay on campus in anticipation of any big events that might be taking place over the weekends. Friday nights are often big times for hangouts because everyone is still on campus, so parties and the like will often take place then.

The relative decrease of students on campus during the weekends motivates many extracurricular groups not to hold events on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if a significant amount of students in that particular group tend to stay on campus (or if they are mostly non-Singaporean) there will still be activity on the weekends. For example, the touch rugby team holds training on Saturday mornings.

Moreover, 40% of the student population is not from Singapore and therefore will be staying on campus anyways. Different people like to spend their weekends differently, but there is sure to be a group of students on campus who are interested in doing something similar to you, whether that involves going out somewhere, playing sports, or studying.