Do sports play a large role on campus?


Do sports play a large role on campus?


The sports teams, while most are not hugely competitive in leagues during the semester, are plentiful. The majority of students play on at least one sports team, and there are two competition seasons a year, one a semester, where teams from Yale-NUS compete in games in the greater NUS community. These consist of Inter-Faculty Games (IFGs) in semester 1 and Inter-Collegiate Games (ICGs) in semester 2.

The IFGs are played between different NUS faculties, such as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, etc. The ICGs are played between different residential colleges, including Tembusu, College of Alice and Peter Tan, and Ridge View Residential College. Both IFGs and ICGs are great opportunities for the rest of the school to get together in support of our sports teams.

Students are quite involved in their team sports, partly out of a dedication to the craft, and partly out of the strength of the bonds they make on the court, pitch, or wherever it may be.