Do I require an international medal/participation to get into the Ivies, MIT and Stanford

My grades were relatively good for all first two years at high school. But apart from being a member of the School Magazine’s Editorial Board, i haven’t really participated much in extracurriculars. If i work to improve my grades and try to participate in a couple of extracurriculars, would that show the Ivies that i’ve improved, and might boost my chances? Additionally, do i absolutely need to have participated in an international competition or won an international medal to get in? Would it be tougher for me if i didn’t?

Hey Jasmcaus! Welcome to our Crimson Community.

Can you give me a bit more detail:

  1. Which country are you applying from?
  2. How good is “relatively good” in terms of grades?

I would say to answer generally international competitions vary significantly in their impact, selectivity and prestige and so it is hard to make apples to apples comparison. A significant number of admits do these competitions but we give very specific recommendations around which ones to do in order to avoid wasting time in excessively competitive ones with minimal chance of success. We regularly send students to the Ivy League, Stanford etc through Crimson who don’t have an international medal so it is a nice to have but not a need to have. It is marginally more difficult to get in without a standout international achievement but most kids getting into these schools don’t have a standout international achievement.

Send me some more info on your grades, current CV and school to and I can review in more detail