Crimson Global Academy

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If me and my brother start at they same time, do we get a discount?

What term structure does Crimson Global Academy follow?

Are all of the Crimson Global Academy teachers based in New Zealand?

Also, I was wondering what the difference is between attending Crimson Global Academy and a regular high school?

How is a day structured at Crimson Global Academy? Are classes pre-recorded?
What size are the classes? Would I be able to meet classmates in person here? Want to know more around general setup. I also have done my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh already - can this school help get my Gold?


I row for a private club and am hoping to get a scholarship to the US, does the Global Academy support athletes or is it just for academics? What year level do you have to be to enrol when you start accepting students and how do know what year level your in at this school? Do you have to get high marks to get in? I don’t have many HD’s but I have a lot Distinctions. Also, there’s no uniforms since it’s all online, right?

  • Ollie