Conjoint Pros & Cons


What are the pros and cons of doing a conjoint at UoA? Does it give you more opportunities for employment after graduating? Would it be good to do a conjoint if you are unsure of what you want to do specifically? Thanks so much!


The pro of a conjoint degree is that it gives you more domains of expertise and typically the time required to get the 2nd degree is often 1 year shorter in a conjoint structure.

The main con of a conjoint degree is the extra time required.

A classic example is an LLB at Auckland. It takes 4 years by itself but in 5 years you can receive an LLB/BA, LLB/BCom or a couple of other degree combos. One can see the appeal of only adding an extra year but building a whole domain of expertise. I think a conjoint is a good idea if you are unsure of what to do - what are your general interest areas? I can help suggest a couple of programs.