College House Hall at The University of Canterbury


What’s the student experience, staying for 1 vs 2 years and is there anything else you think worth sharing?


College house is great, awesome place for anyone to make great lifelong friends. They offer heaps of events that make you feel at ease while you have a great time. With so much going on all the time at the hostel it’s hard to venture out of the College House Lifestyle. I’d strongly recommend to try and get to know other people around uni and make friends through sport, clubs and even in your course.

College House offers a 2-year experience. It depends on what your preferences are but I’d recommend only doing 1. University is about making your own decisions and maturing into adulthood, spending too long at the hostel can hinder this experience. Moving out after 1 year also lets you experience your 2nd year flatting which is honestly the most hectic, chaotic but best time of your life!