Challenges for Indian students in the US (cultural)


What are some of the challenges (apart from settling into academics) an Indian student might face in the US ?



Its very difficult to summarize challenges that Indian students might face while studying in the US or anywhere else abroad. It depends on your personality and your own personal experience. However to highlight few key points the following could be general challenges that you may face being and Indian student in the west :slight_smile:

  1. Time - management - there is a lot on your plate when you move abroad to study. Apart from the rigorous course load - getting your groceries done, your apartment chores, TA-ship and even socializing, it is important to stay focused from the very beginning and not procrastinate to submit all your assignments to last minute as this may get overwhelming.

  2. Homesickness - believe it or not - all of us who land on a foreign soil at some point during university get pangs of the way certain things were at home.

  3. Teamwork - while we have had occasional group projects here in India, university in the US focuses a lot on team work and collaboration with your peers.

  4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle - after years of having easy access to food at the right time - you could go either way once you move abroad i.e. starve or indulge a bit much on junk food. Try and keep a routine with around 3 meals a day and some regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Weather - coming from a tropical country it might be difficult to get used to the climatic conditions in some parts of the US and UK

  6. Communication - Don’t be shy that you talk differently from the others. Speaking and communicating are a big part of your intelligence and try not go into a shell. Remember that the more you interact with people from different cultures the more you learn on whats the most effective way of communication.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: