Cape Town weather


I’m guessing it’s more windy at UCT than UJ or Tuks. Does this matter?


Cape Town can get a bit windy form time to time but that shouldn’t worry you because it also occasionally has amazing weather. Just make sure that, even if there is no cloud in the sky when you leave your room, you always have a jersey in your bag. The weather changes faster then Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car changes gears and if you aren’t ready for it you will look like a fool wearing your vest in the rain.
Campus is really close to the residences and the shuttles work very efficiently, so the fact that Cape Town is windier than Jo’burg shouldn’t be a problem because you could get back to your room and get a jersey pretty quickly.
The wind, though, does get pretty bad and at one stage this year it got so windy that UCT had to shutdown operations for a full day because they feared for the safety of the students.
Other than that one day we haven’t had a single day where wind was truly unbearable, and even though you will surely have more windy days in UCT than you would in UJ or Tuks, I don’t think that wind should be the criteria you use to choose the university you go to.