Canada vs United States for an Indian student



I am an Indian student considering to go to North America for my undergrad. Could someone help me understand what are the main differences between going to Canada vs United States? I have heard that Canada is more accepting towards Indians than US - is this true?



Before I begin writing out the main differences in attending schools in Canada or US, let me clarify that the acceptance in terms of university admissions does not depend on your nationality but how qualified/ well suited you are as a candidate to belong to the school (academics, extracurricular etc). Here are some key points to consider -

  1. Canadian admissions are pretty straightforward. If you have a solid academic score and a good supplementary essay you more or less know whether you will be accepted or rejected in universities based on their academic profile range. US on the other hand looks deeper into a candidate than just academics; you have to show extra-currciular activities and leadership initiatives that prove you are a committed and passionate individual in whatever you pursue (academics and non-academics)

  2. Canadian universities are internationally regarded for their high academic standards and emphasis on research in post-secondary education. On the other hand, the US universities take pride on being at the forefront of technology and educational techniques and in making available to their students the best possible equipment and resources.

  3. Both tuition fees and cost of living is lesser in Canada than in the US.

  4. Another major attraction for Indian students is the possibility of immigration. After studies, students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may apply for permanent residency without leaving Canada. On the other hand, getting a permanent residency in USA is quite difficult.

  5. Canada has a lesser number of “top schools” than US. After around the top 4-5 (UofT, McGill, UBC, Schulich, Queens, Waterloo) - the rankings worldwide see a huge drop. US on the other hand has more variety and a bigger range of good universities to chose from with the rankings not taking such a big hit.

Both countries provide some excellent choices, your future depends on what appeals to you more.