Can you apply to Oxford with IEB?


I write IEB exams in South Africa (I am a matric), is it possible to get into Oxford with this qualification?


No - University of Oxford’s website reads:

The South African Senior Certificate (with Matriculation endorsement) and IEB curriculum would not be sufficient for candidates to make a competitive application.

And therefore,

If your qualification is listed as being insufficient to make a competitive application to Oxford, then you will need to undertake further study if you wish to apply.

You could take British A-levels (the British Council may know where you can take A-levels in your country), the International Baccalaureate (IB), or any other qualifications listed as acceptable on this page. The first year of a bachelor’s degree from another university could also be an acceptable alternative.

This is one reason very few South African’s study at Oxford.

The difficulty with studying for a year at university outside the UK prior to applying to Oxford is that you’d forego the opportunity to begin undergraduate study at another UK university, and there’s no guarantee you will gain acceptance to Oxford when you do apply.

South African Oxford Undergraduate Applications
Applications Offers Offer Rate (%)
2016 24 1 4.2
2015 22 3 13.6
2014 20 1 5
2013 19 4 21.1
2012 15 0 0
2011 10 1 10
2010 22 0 0

Oxford adds that:

Offers refer to applicants made an offer of a place in January following interview in December.

These figures include applicants who subsequently declined the offer, went to a different institution, failed to meet their offer conditions when they received their examination results and were rejected, declined a changed offer, or who withdrew from the admissions process after receiving an offer.

This, and more detailed information about Oxford admissions, can be found here

However, IEB students can gain entry to Oxford by sitting SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests. For more information, check out Oxford’s requirements for US applicants on their website or email me at