Can I find a job on-campus?


Can I find a job on-campus?


Yes, there are on-campus jobs from a variety of fields. Whenever a professor in Yale-NUS needs a research assistant for a project, they post information about that Student Associate Position on Yale-NUS website. Any student who fulfils the requirement for a particular job can apply for it. The application process is usually not very complicated. In most cases, it consists of an interview and 1-2 paragraphs where a student explains his/her interest in the chosen associate position. The pay rate is 9 SGD ≈ 9 NZD ≈ 6 USD per hour according to current rates. Sometimes there are non-academic positions, for instance, in a buttery (where students can buy food).


In addition to the academic research assistant jobs, there are plenty of other jobs available with different departments and offices on campus.

One of the rarer jobs is being hired to take notes for classes, receiving a lump sum in return for taking extra care with your notetaking and making copies of them for student services to distribute to other students for free.

Other jobs include working as a Student Associate in the Admissions department, or the Dean of Students office, or the Office of the President for example. In each of these positions, you’ll be helping with the day to day work, as well as the larger projects of the office. For example, in the Admissions department, you might be answering emails from prospective students a few days a week, but also planning the annual Experience Yale-NUS Weekends with a larger team of Student Associates. Student Associates are often called upon to do tours of campus as well, when prospective students, or foreign guests visit.