Campus life in Melbourne, Australia

What has a better social life (clubs, teams, events, etc.) Melbourne University or RMIT?

Universities in Australia have a different social life to the fraternity driven American colleges. However, Australian universities do provide many opportunities for students to explore their passions, socialise, and hit the town by joining various social groups, clubs, sporting teams, programs, collectives and societies.

Both Melbourne University (MU) and RMIT have campuses located in cultural hubs of Melbourne, providing students with access to some of Melbourne’s best venues and cultural experiences.


Located in Carlton, MU provides student with easy access to a melting pot of good food, great bars and plenty of entertainment and art. Just a small stroll from the renowned Lygon Street and only a 5 minute tram ride from the CBD, MU is a great place to take a quick break to experience Melbourne’s social scene, catch a cheap movie, have a drink, see a live band, or indulge in some of Melbourne’s finest dining.

Additionally, MU has over 140 Student Union clubs ranging from cultural, religious and political to musical and recreational. If you can’t find a club you like, MU also offer students the opportunity to create their own social club.

MU also run regular social events outside of the classroom and beyond the campus, such as Melbourne tours and party nights, which gives students the opportunity to socialise and meet new people.

Studying and living in a different country or city is both an exciting and challenging experience. And for International students studying at MU, you can gain access to International Student Services (ISS). The ISS website has great information about studying and living in Melbourne including information about cultural adjustment and how to get involved in University life.

ISS also offers a range of services and programs for international students and their families.


RMIT’s city campus is located right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, where multiculturalism, social activities and political events often envelope and even overtake the campus. Both campus locations make it easy for new students to socialise whether that be through joining and creating a club, society or group, or simply hitting the local bars for student discount nights and partying until dawn.

RMIT has over 100 student clubs, societies and collectives to choose from providing students a great way to meet new friends, develop skills and connect with people who share your interests. At RMIT, you also have the opportunity to start your own club.

RMIT Link is dedicated to organising and running events and programs across every campus throughout the year.

Uni games:

One of Australian Universities most social events on the calendar is Uni Games. An annual event, Uni Games brings together universities from across Australia to compete against each other in various sports. Some teams take the event seriously (Melbourne Uni are more serious) but many people see it as a great excuse to have a bit of fun during the day and then go out and party with other uni students at night (definitely the vibe at RMIT). For any student hoping to connect with a number of new uni friends and make the most of the time at univeristy, Uni Games is a must.

At most Australian universities, the social life is simply what you make it. There are a plethora of clubs, parties, events, meetups, societies, tours and many more activities to get involved in, however, you must show the initiative to join in order to reap the benefits they can provide. In my opinion, both RMIT and Melbourne University are the two best universities in Melbourne for social life due to their proximity to the city. Just remember, university is time to explore your passions, pursue your dreams and make lifelong friends, so try and put yourself out there and make the most of it. Step out of your comfort zone - social groups and societies are part of the learning experience and are there to help you grow. Most are welcoming and love new members, so get out there and socialise!

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