BSC at Unimelb then BSC (Honours) at Monash?


I am currently in high school contemplating between Unimelb and Monash. I am looking to major either in Electrical Engineering and Physics. If I do a major in Physics at Unimelb and I fulfill the entry requirements for honours at Monash, will I be able to apply there? Because I was looking at Monash’s prior credit page and it seems they dont have some of the courses at Unimelb so does that mean I can’t apply. I want to study courses that are related to Quantum Physics. Right now Unimelb is my first preference because they have courses in quantum electronics in Electrical engineering which is called electrical device modelling. So what should my plans be? I want to do a phd as well in the future assuming everything goes well. I know I am getting ahead of myself but Im just asking to give myself some reassurance. So please reply !!!