ATAR score of 99.95


How do u get an ATAR of 99.95 with NCEA?


From my knowledge of what NZQA have told me, NZQA takes the best 90 credits out of all accredited subjects of the individual then it is converted to an ATAR score. External examinations in NCEA also have a higher ‘weighting’ than internal credits. English is usually a compulsory subject too. So an example is that someone had 86 Level3 excellence credits with rest of credits being merit credits (english, calculus, biology, chemistry and physics) and received an ATAR of 99.90. NZQA calculates and informs the Australian tertiary system the score with out the candidate knowing so from assumption a 99.95 ATAR score could mean 89-90 Level 3 excellences. Also keep in mind that certain fields of study require subjects to be taken in Level 3. If you apply to business undergrad in Melbourne university, calculus is one of the prerequisite subjects.