ATAR Conversions


Hi there,

I am taking NCEA and was wondering if SNA (standard not assessed) results in English (or any other subject) will lower my ATAR score?

Thanks for your help!


+1 I’d like to know as well. Even just about what it means in “SNA” and the effect of this



SNA results should not lower your ATAR score, because ATAR is calculated using your best 90ish credits.

SNA results overall don’t really affect much, it just shows up on your NZQA learner login that you were entered for that standard but didn’t sit it. It doesn’t show up on your academic transcript or anything like that.

Personally I think that NCEA offers way more credits than you need to pass each level, and sometimes attempting all of them can spread yourself really thin. So it can actually be a strategic idea to not sit one or two standards deliberately, so that you can focus your study on what you need to the most. I did this in year 13 myself so I could focus on the subjects I needed the most for university.

Hope that helps!