Are there movie theaters and concert venues?


Are there movie theaters and concert venues?


The closest movie theater to the school is about a five minute bus ride away, and it is an average cinema. On campus, there is a performance hall and a black box theater that often holds student led events, performances, and concerts.

In addition, the school subsidizes tickets for a lot of different cultural events, including musicals and other shows. This makes them affordable, even for college students. Most recently, the school had copays for musicals including Wicked, Rent, and Chicago as well as an array of local plays.

The music scene at Singapore is nascent, which is actually quite exciting. It’s not difficult to catch local artists performing at various venues, as long as you know where to look or whom to ask. Yale-NUS has a vibrant scene of musical artists who regularly consume local and international music as well as perform music of their own.

There are plenty Open Mics for students to showcase their auditory talents, musical and otherwise. Other fun musical events include the Moonlight Sessions held in the Elm Residential College and the 90s theme concert that is going to be held in April of 2017.