Are there any leadership opportunities at the University of Auckland for Engineering students?


I was just wondering if the University of Auckland offers opportunities to develop leadership skills outside of the classroom, as I think this is a valuable asset for a future engineer?


To help support our students, the Faculty of Engineering has developed the Dean’s Leadership Programme. This was launched in Semester Two of this year for a selected group of Part II and Part III students.

This programme identifies likely leaders in advance, and strengthen their skills and experiences to ensure that they “hit the ground running” once they start their careers.

To achieve this, the Dean’s Leadership Programme develops a student’s ability to see problems from non-engineering perspectives, deal with situations without ideal solutions, develop skills from other disciplines and become aware of the broader context of how engineering supports society.

Activities include workshops on soft skills and concepts such as intercultural interaction and empathy, guest speakers who challenge traditional engineering thinking, and internships with future employers. Self-initiated and/or cross-disciplinary projects will also be encouraged, especially when proceeded in conjunction with employer involvement.

Some of the benefits of the Deans Leadership Programme include:

  • Internships with leading partners
  • Development of skills required by senior leaders/executives, and the creation of high performing teams through mentorship and coaching during the internship process.
  • Breakfast Club – regular sessions with industry leaders
  • Forming understandings of one’s own personal qualities in relation to leading others
  • Introduction and exposure to key influencers and contacts
  • Transcript endorsement