Applying to elite universities in the USA as a school speaker - big effect or maybe even useless?

Hello folks, I am currently a high school student in the 12th grade in Germany and have a great opportunity(actually 100% if I decide to) to become our school speaker. Since I am willing to apply to an elite university in about 1.5 years, I wanted to know if you have any kind of knowledge about the effects of such a representative position on the likelihood of getting accepted. The main reason why I am hesitating to get the position right away is, that it could negatively effect my grades since I would have to miss out many lessons to do like school speaker stuff. I am also running a successful business besides of school which I thought is cool, but maybe not enough to get accepted while even having perfect or almost perfect grades. So to conclude: is it worth it? I should I just like be an average representant like I am right now and let other people become the school speaker(of course I want to get into an elite university, but is the chance of getting even a little worse grades worth the hustle)?

I have about 10 hours from right now to make a decision. Would love to hear some awesome replies. Thank you very much.

Hi Tarol, I am based in Munich and would love to hear more about your opportunity and help you decide what the best next steps are. Let’s have a Skype call to discuss. Send me an Email to: and we can chat about this tonight as I know its very urgent for you!