American School of Bombay - admissions



I have heard great things about this school called American School of Bombay. What are the admissions criteria for this school for someone looking to enter in grade 4?



The American School of Bombay welcomes students from different nationalities however If you are an Indian national (Indian Passport Holder) the following criteria apply-

  1. The parents of the student are likely to stay in India for an initial period of two or three years.
    Parents shall provide a certified letter from their employer stating that their employment in India is for an initial period of two to three years.
    If the employment tenure is extended, the parents shall provide an updated letter
  2. The student has come from an American/international system of education and has to return to the American/international system of education.

Applicants shall provide official school records verifying their enrollments from accredited schools with an American/international system of education such as, but not limited to:
i. Schools following a national curriculum other than Indian (for example, German, Japanese, French, etc.)

ii. Schools following international curriculum (for example, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International Examinations, etc.)

  1. Students are at a critical stage of education and studying at ASB is important for the student’s education.

Applicants must be a minimum of three years old by August 31st of the academic year in which they are applying.