A basic run down of the cost of uinversity


I would like to get an estimate of how much is actually needed before I apply( from the application fee, cost of residence, cost of tuition, textbooks etc)


University Application Fee: R100 - R400
NBT Application: R160
University Final Acceptance: R0 - R450
University Registration Fee: R1000 - R10,000
University tuition fee: R30,000 - R70,000
University Residence Fee: R30,000 - R75,000
Textbooks: R1,000 - R7,000

These are estimates and differ depending on the university and type of qualification. Another thing is that some universities don’t make you pay a registration fee. You also get some universityies that ask for a final acceptance fee( which could cost about R0 - R500). You may also be required to pay a residence application fee( but not all university require this.)