Study in Singapore

Is there free academic support or tutoring? Is it effective? [Yale-NUS] (2)
What are the hours for the library? Do these change during reading periods or exam weeks? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Where are the best places to study on campus? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Are finals more exam-based or project / essay-based? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Can undergraduates work with professors on research? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Do the professors hold office hours? How often can students interact with professors outside of class? [Yale-NUS] (2)
How’s the Wi-Fi? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Are students usually able to take their first choice courses? [Yale-NUS] (2)
How much freedom do freshmen have in choosing courses? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Is there a significant divide between international and Singaporean students? [Yale-NUS] (2)
How large are the classes? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Can I find a job on-campus? [Yale-NUS] (3)
When do I have to choose a major? Can I change it? Can I have 2 majors? [Yale-NUS] (3)
Does YNC have a good location in Singapore? [Yale-NUS] (4)
Are there any Yale-NUS students who rejected offers from top-tier universities, like an Ivy League? [Yale-NUS] (4)
What is the Common Curriculum? [Yale-NUS] (3)
Does Yale-NUS College care about students’ dietary preferences in dining halls? [Yale-NUS] (3)
What are the summer opportunities in Yale-NUS? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Are campus rules strict? [Yale-NUS] (3)
I have an idea for a student organisation. Can I make it a reality at Yale-NUS? [Yale-NUS] (3)
Is it hard to study in YNC? [Yale-NUS] (3)
What is it like to study Environmental Studies in Yale-NUS? [Yale-NUS] (2)
What is the atmosphere on campus? [Yale-NUS] (3)
What is the defining feature of an institution as new as Yale-NUS College? [Yale-NUS] (3)
Can students influence the administration’s decisions? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Does Yale-NUS have a competitive environment? [Yale-NUS] (4)
What is it like to study PPE in Yale-NUS? [Yale-NUS] (2)
Are there good sports facilities? [Yale-NUS] (3)
If I am interested in a module in National University of Singapore, can I take this module? [Yale-NUS] (3)
Is there freedom of speech at Yale-NUS? [Yale-NUS] (3)