Study in Singapore   Yale-NUS

How many hours of class do students typically have each week? How much homework outside of class? (3)
What are some big campus events? (2)
Have there been any recent student protests? What were they protesting, and how did staff and faculty respond? (2)
What’s the party scene like? (2)
Is there career counseling? Is it helpful? (3)
Do students stick around or go home on weekends? (2)
How many international students are there? What countries do they come from? (2)
What kinds of religious groups are there at Yale-NUS? (2)
Are there movie theaters and concert venues? (2)
Where do students tend to hang out on and off campus? (2)
Are there any aspiring chefs on campus who host occasional exclusive gourmet pop-up dinners? (2)
Is it stifling to live in such a small community? (2)
What kind of food does the dining hall serve? Are there different options? How is it, really? (2)
Do most students get along with their randomly assigned roommates? (2)
What are the main differences between Yale-NUS and NUS? Are they quite similar, or different? (2)
Do sports play a large role on campus? (2)
What clubs or other opportunities exist for community service? (2)
Is there any support on campus for racial, gender, and sexual minorities? (2)
Is extracurricular participation common or an expectation at Yale-NUS? (2)
Do students or administrators organize conversations for students to talk about their feelings on important issues and events? (2)
How accessible and helpful are the health services? (2)
Are there computer labs? (2)
Do students organise study groups or online discussion forums? (2)
Do the librarians help with research? (2)
Are academic advisers accessible and effective? (2)
Is there a writing center to help with essays and research papers? (2)
What kind of learning disability resources does the school offer? (2)
Where can students practice sports on or around campus? (2)
Is there free academic support or tutoring? Is it effective? (2)
What are the hours for the library? Do these change during reading periods or exam weeks? (2)